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Corporate Communication
How to get an Incredibly LARGE Group to open your Email?

In corporate communication you can still treat your subject line like the headline of a tabloid!

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Sounds OUTRAGEOUS right. Well you just did it, so it must work right?

Everyone I work with has customers – internal or external or both, some call them constituents others call them members – in other words a large group of people. The goal can be as simple as getting as much participation (action) at an event as possible. So here is what you need to do:

Get creative – Boring is just boring.

A great headline/subject line needs to answer one (or all) of the following:
•    Who cares?
•    What’s in it for ME?
•    Why are you bothering me?
•    So what?

For E-mail try to keep it to 50 characters or less!

Here are some templates you can borrow from:

Remember When You Could Have ______________________ and Didn’t
[Great for membership renewals and events i.e. renewed early and saved, signed up and attended]

If you _____________________, You’ll Love _________________________
[Great for events, monthly meetings i.e. If you like True Colors, You’ll Love to hear this months presenter…]

Discover the Secret that other ______________________ Don’t Want You to Know About
[Great for money saving offers related to membership renewals, discounts on early registration, highlight a great speaker – bring the focus on anything you want]

Ask a question – Questions create curiosity that compels the reader to answer.

Remember from my video on the “How to get your Emails read every time…” the use of the three dots at the end can also boost readership because it leaves things hanging and creates curiosity.

TIP: If Orange is your palest True Color, or your Kolbe Quick Start value is less than 3 then go find a Bright Orange, or a High Quick Start and ask them to help you create an OUTRAGEOUS headline!

HOT TIP: What’s inside the body of the email must be equally as exciting, and therefore congruent with the subject, and continue to answer the questions stated above.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

WANTED a few brave souls that will create a great headline/subject and share with us how it worked out for them in their corporate communication!

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