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Vision Board Team Building Exercise

Building a Vision Board can be a great team building exercise.

Getting the team together and creating a Vision Board that can be easily seen everyday is a great way to bond a team together and get them focused on prize.

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This will become a gentle reminder each time someone looks at it as to the final outcome and the benefits that will be enjoyed.

This can be an exceptionally good exercise for project teams. Once the Mission, Vision, Goals are laid out along with the project deliverables and timelines you can get busy building your vision board.

You will want to create something big enough for everyone see easily when they pass by. You will want to keep the pictures that are used to a reasonable size.

Yes you can cut and paste words, slogans, dates and times onto it – make sure they are big enough to be easily read.

You will want to decide on a layout or design for your board.

Will it be like a timeline from left to right with milestones, with the final outcome on the right with pictures of the celebration that you are going to have for completion?

Or, will it take on a circular representation with the big outcome and celebration in the middle and the collaborative work and milestones circling in from the outside representing the beginning.

Use a digital camera and a color printer to get pictures of people on the team so that you can paste them on other pictures that you put on so that people can see themselves involved.

You will need lots of pictures (trade magazines, other magazines, print outs, any visual representation), scissors, glue sticks or glue, a large sheet of paper or roll of paper to paste everything on to.

Set up the exercise by telling them what they are going to be doing, how long they have to do it, and what they have to work with.

Help them arrive at a design together that will work best for the situation.

Once they have a design, get them to start selecting pictures that represent that each area to them.

Start laying the pictures out as if they where part of the collage.

Vision Board Example

Vision Boad Example

Allow them to challenge the pictures for validity and proper representation.

This really has to mean something to them. They have to feel that they have all had a chance for input and to work on the finished product.

Once they have their pictures selected and laid out then they can start gluing them down a building out their collage.

Make sure everyone gets to paste on at least one picture.

Make it as collaborative as possible.

Once it is all done – a round of high fives for everyone!

Then post the vision board somewhere it can be seen everyday until the goal is accomplished.

Until next time, Keep Discovering your Natural Abilities!

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