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Team Meeting - Why aren’t you being heard?

Preparing for the Team Meeting  - Darlene is in the boardroom 5 minutes before the appointed time of the meeting, and has published the agenda ahead of time in e-mail, but has also printed copies for all the attendees. Wayne shows up 5 minutes after the appointed time for the meeting with a smile on his face and says are ready to get started talking about the new software package which isn’t on Darlene’s agenda.

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This is an example of the communication gaps that can be easily identified between any two people with significantly different personality types trying to communicate. We know from the True Colors and Myers-Briggs, that Greens (NT) and Blues (NF) have a natural difference in communication style as do Golds (SJ) and Oranges (SP).

Since people naturally broadcast and receive information in a team meeting in their natural mode we have the basis for “The Communication Gap”.

In the above example Darlene or Gold (SJ) is put off because showing up for the meeting after it was supposed to start is unacceptable to her, and since she published the agenda – Wayne should have informed her that he wanted to talk about the new software package. Wayne our Orange is having trouble understanding why Darlene is frustrated, because he doesn’t need and agenda and he made it to the meeting only 5 minutes late; which is amazing considering he was across the campus in another building.

In this extreme case Darlene is resistant to receiving the message Wayne wants to deliver because it has not been packaged in her style. Even though people that work closely together gain understanding that Darlene always has an agenda and Wayne always shows up late it does mean that they are learning to appreciated the differences.

To improve communications in team meetings, we have to slow down and think about how the recipient needs to be communicated to (receive the information), and make our best attempt at delivering the message in that way.

Slow down when communicating. Speed up when working.

To improve performance in today’s hectic workplace, take time to communicate clearly when discussing action items and expected outcomes. This is the key to avoiding the “Boom-a-rang Effect”. The boom-a-rang effect occurs when you ask for something to be done and when it comes back to you it is not what you need but the same amount of time has passed which puts you further behind. This leaves you frustrated and wondering if you would have been better off doing it yourself, even though you didn’t have time.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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