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Procrastination - What Hot tubs and your Excellence Zone™ have in common?

Let’s take a look at procrastination more often than not someone in a True Colors or Kolbe workshop will say something like “Yeah, but ya know I work on my car on the weekends – doesn’t that mean I am hands on?”.  Quite honestly the answer is most likely no.

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My family and I moved houses just over two years ago. My wife she got the window on the main flow she always wanted. Me, I got a pool and a hot tub for my boys and myself.  Little known to me at the time we moved in the Hot Tub had some issues.

First jets started to pop out – I had to take out any bits left behind (sometimes more work than others) and go to the store and purchase replacements. This sounds pretty normal – except I would let the jets sit around until I had a few then try and make one trip, too be efficient.

Then I noticed the water level dropping, so I would add more, and more and more. One could say this was procrastination.

Finally this summer – almost two years later I had enough – I drained the hot tub. It sat that way for a week or two or three – before I gather my martial arts students one night to help me lift it up and out of its spot and move it away from the house so I could check the side I couldn’t get to.

Finally I found the leak – the pump was leaking. After a very frustrating and probably too long process I got the pump out to a picture or two of it, and let it sit for a couple of weeks – as it started to get cold in the fall – I finally decided to go find out about a work around for the pump because in my mind it was going to cost lots of money (based upon little or no research).

When I got to the store Bert said, I got a used one for a $100 – here is what you have to do if the plug on the back is different. As he quickly is delivering the instructions I am thinking I hope I don’t have to do any of this stuff. Fortunately it was an exact match – the tub is now up and going.

Was I capable of fixing the hot tub – Yes, proven by the fact it is back up and running after three or months of being non-operational. Would I want to do this everyday of the week as my job? Nope – no way.

Did I get a personal sense of accomplishment the first time I sat in a non-leaking very hot tub of water – absolutely.

In order to recharge our natural abilities we often need to go into Rest and Relaxation mode versus Work mode. We can suffer from procrastination in either Rest and Relaxation mode or Work mode. Rest and Relaxation mode could be know as hobby mode, family time, or personal interest time. You doing what you want the way you want to do it (for the most part).

These activities can be polar opposites from the way you are at work – this is quite natural. The key question is would you want to do any of these things forty hours a week and call it work – most often the answer is “No.”

Enjoy your recharge time don’t focus on the procrastination it may be just part of the relaxation process.

I guess I should now share that I am a 3 Follow Thru and a 2 Implementor in the Kolbe assessment and an Orange, Green in True Colors therefore if I don’t find it fun, I am not about to work on it and finish it anytime soon.

In other words this type of work is nowhere near my Excellence Zone™.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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