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Personality Types - Right vs. Reasonable

One the personality types - The Green Monster (Oscar the Grouch, the Hulk) is the dark side of the True Colors green person. 

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Cindy a great friend and co-worker of mine, she has a great expression that “It is better to be reasonable than right”. This makes a lot of sense as long as you are not a Green Monster like me.

This Green Monster usually shows up when that person wants to be right. They dig in and try and prove it to themselves and everyone around them, they stop listening and replay their case as if it is going to get different results this time.

The number of times she has pointed this out to me is uncountable, although the frequency seems to be going down lately (in my personal estimation).

All of the True Colors personality types has its bright side and it’s dark side (sometimes blind side). The reason this keeps happening is as a green I can see my big picture. I have done my research and have all the numbers.

The blind side is that I forget the basic concept from time to time – not everyone is like me – they have their colors, their experiences and their way of processing information.

Introvert vs Extravert

If I simply change my point of view, change positions so I am looking at it through the other persons eyes it is a lot easier to be reasonable. By simply not expecting people to know what I know, I immediately find it easier to drop back and start from the beginning help them build a big picture and examine the facts in a way that works for them.

The audience finds me much more reasonable in these situations.

The key is to discover when your personality types color is working against you and find a strategy to overcome that, so that you can increase your effectiveness and your success overall.

If you are thinking that only Greens have a dark side you are so in denial.  There is the Gold Standard – these are the rules and they must be followed exactly even though you weren’t told about them. Orange Funatic – doesn’t realize it is one of those times when you need to be serious. Blue Carebear – who cares too much about other people, and not enough about themselves.

Remember too much of a good thing will give anyone a tummy ache. So sometimes it is good to dial the intensity of your dominant color back a bit in certain situations and save that energy for other where it can be used more beneficially.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. I look forward to your questions about the True Colors Personality Types.

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