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When did I become interested in Personality Traits?

The better question might be, "Why did I become interested in Personality Traits?"

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The answer is as a teenager I was a bit different than your typically boy in Canada – I wasn’t interested in becoming the next pro hockey star.

I wanted to be an Olympic and then a Professional cyclist. When I was 15 I would ride 50-100 miles a day or 300-500 miles a week – yes I am so old that we recorded our distances in miles back then.

In fact I would ride from Fort Erie to St. Catherines after school to meet my coach after he got off work and we would ride back to Niagara Falls where he lived together. My coach was Gord Singleton – a name not known to most outside of the cycling community. Gord is an Olympic Gold/Silver medalist, who fought through typical Olympic non-sense to see that happen.

He is also a world professional champion sprinter. Looking back now this truly set the tone for type of people I seek out to learn from now. A big “Thank you!” to Gord for putting up with me, and for my Mom for asking Gord to coach me – I love you Mom.

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During that summer I was working doing computer programming (yes I am a geek – always have been) for a summer job. Mrs. Alty, whom I was working for knew about my cycling habit and she gave me a couple of tape sets that had been sold by AMEX to their cardholders. They were all the best parts of seminars offered by the leaders in Personality Traits at the time.

My favorite was Denis Waitley and his tape on The Psychology of Winning. Many years later I purchase the full cd set so I could listen to it again. It is now part of my iTunes library.

I listened to those tape sets over and over again that summer as I knew then I was learning something ahead of all my peers. I never ended up doing very well as a competitive cyclist, but I still love riding.

My pattern for finding the best I could and learning directly from them had been cast – today I still take every opportunity I can to learn from masters in their area of lifetime focus.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. Which master have you chosen to model lately?

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