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Personality Profiles
How to communicate to as many as possible!

True Colors personality profiles event attendees ask the following question over and over again, “Now that I know about True Colors, how do I use that information when I am presenting or marketing to other people?”

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The answer is simple – you need to organize the information for each color and present it in the way they want to see it.

If you have someone who’s personality profile is dominant in each color (meaning their highest score is that color) so one green, one orange, on blue, one gold your process will be easier – if you are missing one of the personality profiles colors you will have to ask your person brightest in that color, it may be their second color to brighten it up a bit.

Next you have to know what it is you are trying to communicate – the example we use in our workshops as team building activities is a marketing flyer for Disney that tells each color what they want to know about the park. Your scenario will be different, although the process is exactly the same.

Get four pieces of paper label one for each color. Get each color dominant person to write down on their piece of paper what they would want to know, in this case everything they would want to know to spend a day with the family at a Disney park.

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The true gold’s personality profile will focus on when does the park open, where are the washrooms, how much are the tickets, is there a family pass, what you should take with you: sun screen, etc. They want to know the rules that would affect them planning their day, “Can you bring food or water into the park?”

This part of the process will give you the what you need to communicate, and there will most likely be overlap that is good – that means that is a more important piece of information because more than one personality profiles needs to know that.

Steps two and three are also simple. Ask each person to rank the information from most important down to least important. Then on a new sheet of paper ask them to lay it out the way they would like to see it.

Step four get put the document together in the order of color preference that most represents your audience so that it will naturally line up for them.

Now you will probably end up with something that looks nothing like what you have done before, or like anyone in your industry would produce – that’s great!

You want to be smarter than them and use the True Colors information you have learned to communicate better internally and externally.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities!

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