Fascination Advantage How The World Sees You

Uniquely You – Your personality dimensions

Given your personality dimensions, have you ever thought that you were crazy and that everyone else is just normal? 

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Or maybe it was the other way around. If I am normal then everyone else must be crazy.

You are a very unique individual trying to survive in a world that wants conformity and normality.

You may be questioning that statement, the purpose of this article is to show you how unique you really are; and that you get to embrace that uniqueness and leverage its power in your life.

You have a unique genetic makeup. You are the unique combination of genes from two different people. The laws of nature take over and the magic happens and each new person has a unique genome.

If you are lucky enough to be an identical twin then you will someone with the same genetic makeup.

Do identical twins the same personality traits or different personality types?

Work done by Kathy Kolbe shows that all of the identified twins to have taken the Kolbe A Index have a unique conative personality dimensions.

Although both twins may complete the same complicated task, but the way that they get to completion would be different.

Twins may as well have different personality types measured by Myers-Briggs or True Colors, making them increasing unique in their approach.

So at this point even if you are a twin you will realize that at some level you are unique, now add into the mix your individual choices and life experiences. What we refer to as learned behavior.

Has anybody else in the world grown up in the same house with the same parents gone to exactly the same schools, done exactly everything that you have done? The answer is simply no.

The key is to realize that you are special, a unique individual in this world of billions of people.

Introvert vs Extravert

Your uniqueness is the combination of your individual strengths, and life experiences that make up your personality dimensions.

You have the freedom to choose which allows you to leverage that uniqueness and achieve your goals your way.

People that embrace their unique personality dimensions and leverage them go on to achieve incredible results.

Some people spend their entire lives trying to be someone they are not.

Some try to use a calendar to organize themselves but still fail to show up on time, others try to be more creative and are frustrated with their results, others try to build a shed in the back yard only to end up hiring someone to do it.

True success comes from focusing on your strengths, unique experiences and knowledge and leveraging that for everything that you can.

Yes that means you need the help and support from others in the areas where you are not so strong.

The ideal team would be the one made up of unique individuals that each understood their uniqueness and that of the other members of the team, where each was smart enough to take advantage of the others strengths.

Everyone would be free to contribute their best work naturally. Sound too good to be true, it is not.

People can learn to understand their strengths and uniqueness as well, they can learn to understand and leverage the strengths of others.

We would say if everyone on the team understands their personal Excellence Zone™ then you have the foundation to build and Excellence Team™.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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