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Organization tips stasher things

Hmmm… I wonder where they put that?

Organization tips stasher things

Have you ever wondered what personality traits cause people stash things where they do?

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Some mothers are continually challenged to keep the house neat and tidy because their kid(s) have their toys all over the place. In fact in one case it was so bad, the father actually called me into talk to his wife about the situation – her natural need for organization her way was in direct conflict with her daughter’s creativity.

The daughters dolls all had to be in their beds in a certain way so they could sleep according to the daughter, the mother on the other hand wanted the toys put away.

I know this sounds a bit extreme and it is. These kinds of organization challenges can cause some real frustration in the work environment as well. There are those that have a place for everything and everything is in its place and label. What they don’t realize is that they applied their own sorting/significance system to the organization.

Organization tips stasher things

There are other personality types must have everything in a pile. The piles are organized in terms of importance. The place at which something is in the pile indicates it’s significance or the pile that it is in.

Back in the day of physical inboxes my dad used to call it the bottom one inch solution – take the bottom one inch and put in the circular file (garbage) because if it was at the bottom of the pile there is no way it was significant. Today you have emails just filling up your inbox the same way, make sure you move your bottom one inch in to an archived folder or the trash.

People with other personality traits have things spread all over their desk and the floor – any flat surface they can find. These people need to be able to see the items they are working on – that are current. If you put them in a pile they get upset, if you file them for them they are confused and upset.

Organization tips stasher things

In order to get past this a business needs a good system of organizing and filing that everyone can follow – I suggest the next time you visit the dentist you check out the filing system they use.

Coded and integrated by the green’s, color coded and open cabinets for the oranges, sequenced and standardized for the gold’s, individualized for the patient for the blue’s. They have adopted a patient records organization system that works for all combinations of True Colors personality types.

So what do you do if you don’t have a system like the one described above? First tip is don’t mess with others filing systems ask them to retrieve it for you and store it for you this will avoid the conflict. Understand there are different natural systems people have developed based upon their unique True Colors personality traits. Learn to accept this is the way they do it.

The ultimate is to build or buy a system based upon people’s personality types and colors like the one described above.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. I look forward to your funny stories about other people’s organization systems you have to contend with.

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