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Why Myers-Briggs
might be right for your team building activity?

Myers-Briggs team building activity will teach people about their unique personality types. So everyone will learn about each others personality traits.

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  • Participants will understand themselves and others better
  • Leadership style
  • Preferred learning style
  • Problem-solving approach
  • They will improve communication
  • Reduced conflict through understanding
  • Suggestions for their personal development
  • System for the analysis and assembly of teams
  • System to build upon in the future

It is important to look at the differences between the systems available and make an informed choice as to what is best for your team building activity.

Your team will have fun, and enjoy their time together and definitely bond with one another!

You will make an investment in your team that will have a lasting effect.

People on the team will know how to communicate with one another after the event.

Myers-Briggs system is right for your team building activity because:

  • it has an online assessment, combined with a detailed printable report.
  • Informs your staff about the different personality types that exist and that they work with.
  • Group exercises quickly get participants to understand commonalities and the differences that exist between personality types.
  • Uncovers the stressors that exist because of the type of work required.
  • It is supported with an extensive collection of additional materials and workshop topics.
  • Is the most recognized/popular assessment today.

It is analyzing the same thing as True Colors and provides more detailed information about the different personality types by breaking them down into sixteen different combinations of four basic combinations of personality type differences.

For example one pair evaluated is Introvert vs. Extrovert, identified as E or I. This factor is not analyzed by True Colours, but does influence the communication color.

Disadvantages as compared to True Colors:

  • Not as detailed.
  • No analytical data to support the assessment.
  • By comparison lacking supporting materials.

The Kolbe system integrates well with True Colours to determine a persons overall Excellence Zone™.

Disadvantages of Kolbe in comparison:

  • Reduced focus on communication 
  • Conflict is explored from a different angle
  • Stress is explored from a different perspective
  • Lacking by comparison in follow-up workshop topics, and supporting materials.

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