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Floating a car across a pond –
corporate team building activities

Probably one of the most challenging corporate team building activities I ever heard about was at a Kolbe re-certification course in Phoenix.

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Kathy Kolbe and the organization asked one of their consultants from New Zealand to get up and present about the activity she had participants do in the afternoon after her normal morning program.

The morning program was the standard event that all of us are trained to deliver, review the individual reports, explain the results. Discuss how you can calculate the success of a team based upon the scores.

Followed by the proof exercise call the glob shop where we demonstrate that this system truly does show you how people approach their work, and that some of their actions are predictable.

These corporate team building activities are very effective for any sort of team to discover something about themselves and one another. They are also great for exposing exactly how people approach their work.

With this behind them this particular consultant would take them out to her property. This was a country farm.

There she would divide the groups in to two teams.

Each team then has to float a car to the other side of a large pond! Using anything they can find on the farm.

These cars ran before the crossing, and these cars needed to run when they got to the other side.

Some of the pictures she showed were hilarious.

She showed cars where every seam was covered in duct tape; other cars were tied to logs.

Some of the pictures showed cars heading to the bottom of the deep pond.

I ask her how many were down there and she said, “None, the teams can’t go home until they get the cars out of the pond!”

It would be great if we could do something similar here – however, this isn’t exactly good for the environment of the farm.

Anybody want to challenge your team with a really tough activities to see how they work under pressure – call me!

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. I have been secretly wishing that it was me doing these kinds of corporate team building activities – and I have some great ones in mind to try out!

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