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Corporate Team Building Meeting
POOR Jeff just couldn’t sit still…

This story takes place in a corporate team building morning meeting for my previous business.

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You may not know that I was a partner in a technology training company for over ten years, before starting this business.

Yes, my partner and I beat all the small business typical metrics – we lasted more than ten years in business as partners, this is something I am quite proud of.

We had two locations in Toronto and one in Detroit and between the three sites we had eighteen (18) classrooms combined – and sometimes they were all full and we were doing traveling classes in hotels and onsite at customers locations.

Ok, now you are wondering why I left something that was so good.

Well remember I said technology training, there was a merger/acquisition followed by a right size and the business changed almost overnight. When I looked around at was left of the thing I loved so much – I didn’t want it anymore. My partner bought me out and we are still friends today.

The story I really wanted to tell you was about my sales rep Jeff and how one day during our corporate team building session he could barely sit still.

We would host company days like any other company and bring all the employees in for a day of meetings with some fun and team building activities.

On this particular day we were doing a Kolbe workshop so that everyone would get a better understanding of how that system works, and experience a demonstration that it truly is measuring something unique.

The demonstration is called a Glob Shop activity. It consists of a bag of junk, bits and piece of all kinds of stuff.

Like most of these demonstrations you take your highest people in each value and use them for the exercise. Jeff was one of them – he had a nine Quick Start if I remember correctly. The first demo went exactly as planned – everyone involved including Jeff performed exactly as expected.

Then something interesting happened. One of the employees said – “What happens if we take away one of the four people?” I thought this would be an interesting exercise so I said – “Who do you want to sit out?” The staff selected Jeff.

So the remaining three went back out into the hallway out side the room in which we where conducting our corporate team building meeting,  as the staff cooked up a new activity using the exact same bag of glop. This time it was a 3D amusement park model that had to be created.

In came the three from the hall and they proceeded to build out the park and perform as they normally would right up until the time they had to present their park to the rest of the staff.

I should mention the three people involved where instructors and taught over 100 days per year. When they did finally figure out who was presenting it was boring and uninteresting.

Well it is at this point in our corporate team building meeting, while these three are figuring out who is going to talk and what they are going to say that Jeff just starts vibrating in his chair. After the presentation by the group of three was over – Jeff almost jumped out of his seat to rush to the front. It only took one of the staff to say What would have been different if Jeff was part of the group?” and away he went.

Jeff leap up and ran to the front of the room. He told us all about the fun and entertaining amusement park that the others had built, he even told us about things they had never even thought of.

Jeff had us laughing and enjoying his presentation – and Jeff was finally happy to be out of his chair and using his natural abilities.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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