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Communication Tips 

What does a crystal ball, psychic friend,
secret decoder ring,
and a mind reading application on you phone
all have in common?

The communication tips below all help you so your reader will not need them to help you figure out what you were trying to say!

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Often the communication problem is not what is said, but rather what goes not communicated and leaves the other person guessing.

If you haven’t heard me ask it yet – “What does the brain do when it doesn’t get enough information?”

Right the brain starts making stuff up to fill in the blanks.

Technology's ability to instantly send bite size chunks is forcing people to leave stuff out, there is an expectation if you don’t get it you will ask a question about what they sent.

The renegades are actually taking the opposite approach and creating long copy.

There are few communication tips and tricks that you need to know to get your reader to engaged and stay engaged in your message.

You need a headline/subject line that is interesting to your reader and pulls them in.

The first line of your message needs to make them want to read the second.

You can keep your paragraphs shorter, sometimes only one line, your reader may be scared off by large blocks of text, it may look daunting to them.

Now what would happen if you bold certain words so that a person could scan the communication and get the overview of the document.

Have you answered the key questionWhat’s in it for me? (WII FM radio)

Have you simply and clearly stated what you want them to do with the information? (make a decision, perform an action, etc.)

Did you give them a deadline for action? No deadline = No action! Guaranteed!

Did you follow up using a different medium – i.e. did you phone them to ask them if they:

  1. Received it.
  2. Had a chance to read it.
  3. Realized there was an action they needed to take.
  4. Re-enforced that they only have so much time left.
  5. Clarified the outcome.

Remember good communication is all focused on the recipient of the message – regardless of the medium (phone call, voice mail, e-mail, webpage, etc.)

If you want to become a renegade and be recognized as a great communicator then all you need to do is practice these skills.

“That was easy!”

Oh, you were looking for the Easy button; you can get those at Staples. Unfortunately for you the Easy button won’t help you become a great communicator.

Write your message as you normally would then go back and change it like described above. Not everyone will respond like you are expecting them too, it will take a bit of time to figure out how and when to use these ideas in your regular communication.

Your exercise – Would you have read this if it had a boring headline/title? Did you skim it first reading the bolded words? Where you able to easily read the content because of its format? If you are answering these questions congratulations it worked on you and you have already taken the first step – now go try this out for yourself.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities!

P.S. Let me know how you make out trying some of these communication tips!

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