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Communication Skills Exercise

Communication Skills Exercise that you can include in your next Team Building or Project Team meeting.

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You are going to have pairs of people sit back to back so they can’t see what the person behind them has in front of them.

One person we will call this person the Talker, is going to tell/describe to the other person what to do.

The second person is going to be the Listener and do what they are asked to do. The listener’s job is to follow the instructions provided by the Talker. They cannot ask questions of the other person, and there is no looking, or peeking.

For this exercise what you will need is some Lego. Simple block Lego is perfect.

Communication Exercise Describer

You will have something built, like a simple house. You will provide the completed structure to the Talker.

The Listener will get the exact same pieces to work with.

To create some additional pressure to simulate real world communication skills provide them a tight timeline perhaps 3-5 minutes to get the object built.

When picking your teams of two – you may have them from different departments that are required to communicate and work together, like the classic sales on one side describing to operations on the other side what was sold and how to build it.

  The organizer has to keep an eye on what takes place and be prepared to share what they see.

Communication Exercise Builder

In the debrief after the communication skills exercise – go through each person Talker and Listener and ask them: what they struggled with, what they would correct if they were to do it again, what they can do differently on a daily basis as a result of this education.

Make the notes on a flip chart or whiteboard.

You can ask the participants what was similar to their daily lives.

Make note of the similarities or differences on the flip chart or whitboard.

Then you can get them to be proactive and make a list of changes that they can make to improve their communication skills when working with team members. 

Put these on another piece of flip chart paper or on a whiteboard.

In your regular monthly meeting review how they are making out with these changes they wanted to make. Let them tell you which ones they have used successfully and others they are still trying to implement.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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