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Building Corporate Team Excellence

“What does each color contribute to the success of building corporate team?” Is one of the great questions that’s asked about True Colors is.

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 Lets see what each color would say.

Orange’s say, “ I am spontaneous and trust my impulses. I like to make a splash, to make something happen, and to have an impact. I am a promoter, performer, troubleshooter, negotiator and entrepreneur.”

Orange’s help the team “Get it Started”.

Green’s answer is, “I help the team develop and understand a strategic approach to accomplishing the task. Competence is of key importance to me. I love to analyze and solve problems. I am conceptual, global and abstract thinker. I push the team toward excellence and perfection.”

Green’s help the team “Get it Right”.

Blue’s response is, “I help the team by fostering interpersonal relationships, cooperation and harmony. I see the good in all teammates and help them realize their full potential. I have tremendous empathy for people and use my intuition to understand them.”

Blue’s help the team “Stay Together”.

Gold’s reply is, “I am a hard worker who the team can count on. Follow through and being thorough and accountable are very important to me. I bring stability and organization to the team. I understand the values and traditions of the organization and work hard to conserve them. I am duty driven.”

Gold’s help the team “Get it Completed”.

When all four colors are represented in equal quantities we get a very balanced team that works well together and demonstrates integrated well thought out decisions. When one or more colors is missing from a team you experience “Color Blindness” meaning you are missing that point of view from the team.

If this is the case you should look to the people on the team that have that color as their second brightest color and ask them to contribute that point of view.

Understanding that everyone has something to contribute to the team is the first step. Appreciating them for that uniqueness and difference is the second step. Learning to rely on them or leveraging them is the third step in working towards building corporate Team Excellence.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

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