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Yes it's true! You have found Team Building Activities information and tips that will give you insight into the world of Team Building.  The content on this site all comes from actual real world experiences. 

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I specialize in helping individuals and groups discover their natural abilities what most people call personality traits or personality types.

Gary BernierGary Bernier

This is important because each member is an integral part of the team and everyone needs to know what they are bringing to the table!

Team Building Activities in Ontario

I own a team building event company near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have personally worked with thousands of individuals to help them discover their personality types

My company the Soft Skills Expert provides fun and educational workshops that are guaranteed to improve communication at teamwork.

I regularly add new articles on to this site and I publish a weekly newsletter that contains the latest information we have to provide on individual success and improving team communication.

Why am I doing this?

I has take me years of learning and practice to master these concepts.  The right thing to do is share the knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

I believe that one day team meetings are good starting points, and that the building process needs to continue in order to reduce conflict and strengthen the team.

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Gary Bernier

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